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Having a Pinterest board of ideas is one thing, but sourcing, selecting and project management is the most challenging part of any renovation or new build. There are over 1500 key decisions to be made while building or renovating, but GRAY & Co Interior Design will eliminate the overthinking and indecision that cause costly changes. GRAY & Co can assist in all of the following areas.

Concept design

Design development + documentation

Material + finishes selection

Furniture design + management of manufacture

Furniture sourcing + specification

Kitchen + bathroom design

Custom joinery design

Project management

Lighting specification + design


What to expect...

The consultation is usually 1 – 2 hours and is a time for us to walk through your home, talk about how you use the space, how you see yourself living and moving throughout the home in the future, collaborate on ideas while standing in the space.

We do not provide any physical designs at the initial consultation, but you are more than welcome to take notes and ask any questions relevant to the design, colour palettes etc.

After the initial consultation, GRAY & Co will be able to provide you with a design brief and design fee proposal should you wish to proceed with the full design service.

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